NFTs and fungible tokens integrated into a video game via TRAIT

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TRAIT allows to create games that use NFTs and fungible tokens without getting deep into blockchain tech.
Low costs and short integration time, easy to use tools and a superb mobile wallet make TRAIT an ideal way to enrich video games with transferable items.
NFTs and fungible tokens integrated into a video game via TRAIT

Make Games More Engaging with NFTs & Fungible Tokens

True Ownership

NFTs provide players with true ownership of their in-game items. It empowers them to exchange,  gift or even sell their assets for real money.


True ownership makes the gaming experience more immersive and personal. This serves as a solid foundation for building passionate communities around your games.


NFTs make an aftermarket for in-game items possible. It increases value of those items and encourages players to spend more time in the game creating and obtaining them.

Limited Editions

NFTs make limited editions of items (like collectibles, cosmetics, and gear) more attractive and tangible, and their ownership history more transparent.


Items on blockchain can be transferred between different games by the same studio or by its partners, creating opportunities for cross-game promotions.

Fungible Tokens

Tokens represent in-game resources on the blockchain. They can be currencies like gold or gems, crafting materials like wood or iron. Or anything else you will imagine.
Requirements and supported platforms for game studios

For Game Studios

TRAIT allows to introduce NFTs and fungible tokens into your games at a minimal cost. Full integration with TRAIT can be done in just one week by a mid-level engineer who is not familiar with other blockchains.
Blockchain transfers are free for all players which will encourage the adoption of NFTs & tokens by the community of your game.
Tech stack for engineers

For Engineers

Our helpful guides demonstrate the process of integration step by step and make it straightforward and easy to follow.
TRAIT uses a modern, hassle-free stack. It provides a well-organized REST API. All supporting tools are made with Python and MongoDB, and are open source.
This ensures that no witchcraft APIs or crypto spells are needed for you to get started with TRAIT.

For Players

TRAIT Wallet boosts players' engagement and enjoyment by helping them easily manage
their digital assets.
TRAIT removes barriers by allowing players to transfer their assets between games and to each other for free.
Our advanced technology works invisibly under the hood providing players with an intuitive experience.
TRIAT Wallet Mobile App
TRIAT Wallet Mobile App
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