NFTS and fungible tokens for video game players

True Ownership of In-Game Items for Players

TRAIT takes in-game assets beyond the game’s boundaries and makes them real like never before.
Transfer,  gift,  exchange or even sell them as if they were real objects that you truly own. Welcome to the new era of video games.
TRAIT Wallet is Coming Soon

Enhanced Gaming Experience

New Enjoyable Games

TRAIT allows more games on all platforms to use digital game assets and makes gaming even more engaging and enjoyable.

Easy to Use

TRAIT's advanced technology works invisibly under the hood providing players with an intuitive and seamless experience.

Free Transfers

TRAIT breaks old barriers by allowing players to transfer their assets to games, to exchanges and to each other completely free of charge.

TRAIT Wallet - the Easiest Way to Manage Your In-Game NFTs & Tokens

TRAIT Wallet is like a banking app for your in-game assets. With it you can transfer your assets to friends, to other games, to exchanges and to various services.
TRAIT Wallet is convenient. It supports multiple blockchain addresses to separate your on-chain assets and allows you
to see on-chain balances and transaction history.
TRIAT Wallet Mobile App
TRAIT Wallet is secure thanks to reliable cutting edge encryption. Only you have access to your addresses and assets on them.
TRIAT Wallet Mobile App
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