TRAIT token and its ecosystem

TRAIT Token - the Key Block of the Ecosystem

TRAIT is not only a blockchain, but also an ecosystem for ensuring stable operation of decentralized infrastructure.
You can buy tokens to run a game with digital assets. Or earn tokens by staking or by validating.

Reliable & Transparent


Staking TRAIT is a convenient and safe way to earn additional rewards while supporting the TRAIT ecosystem. It’s designed to reward fair participants with higher earnings and penalize those who try to break the rules.

Payment Medium

Game studios and players are the main users of TRAIT blockchain. However, there are also parties that service the operation of the decentralized infrastructure. The TRAIT token facilitates transfers between those parties.

Buy TRAIT Token

To run a game with digital assets you will need to buy TRAIT tokens.
TRAIT token
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You can also apply for the
TRAIT GROW program and get up to 12 months of free service.

Game Studios


Operation of blockchain validator node

Earn via Validating

TRAIT blockchain uses next-generation nominated proof-of-stake models (NPoS).
Validators are special nodes responsible for creating new blocks and ensuring secure operation of the blockchain. Management of a validator can bring significant profits but errors in its work are severely punished.
If you have the necessary technical skills, you can become a network validator.
Operation of blockchain validator node
Become a Validator
Earn with TRAIT via staking

Earn via Staking

TRAIT tokens holders can participate in network development by nominating a set of validators on the network with staking their TRAIT tokens.
It requires much less technical knowledge and allows a more hands-off approach to growing your TRAIT token reserves.
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Environmentally friendly and sustainable blockchain

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

TRAIT relies on an energy-efficient proof-of-stake model instead of the computationally heavy proof-of-work consensus mechanism.
It uses 99.95% less electricity and eliminates the need for high energy consumption, making TRAIT an environmentally friendly solution in the long term.